Peter Kotka Original paintings

Peter Kotka was born in 1951, to an English mother and Estonian father.

Peter Kotka works entirely from life, originally setting up the composition in a black box (type of stage) or similar. His work is built up in layers using grisaille (a style of monochromatic painting in shades of grey, used especially for the representation of relief sculpture) under painting building up the paint layer and eventually glazing on top, working on canvas panels or boards that he produces himself.

“My painting style has developed over 30 years,” he reveals. “Originally I painted large landscapes, then I started to study Dutch artists. My work then became smaller and more detailed, and gradually my work became even finer and more detailed. He is  a major Artist recognised in the latest volume “British Artists since 1945” and his works grace many well-known private collections.


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Peter Kotka - A clash of personalites!

Peter Kotka - Ottimo Vino Dello Toscana

Peter Kotka - Lemon and Lime!  Peter Kotka - Roemer Glass and grapes

Peter Kotka - Two hearts become one!

       Peter Kotka- Basket of Grapes Peter Kotka - A case for Tuscany - Copy





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