John Piper ‘Ceres and Proserpine’

 Limited Edition Screen print

John Piper - Ceres and prosorpine -Framed - Copy

Image dimensions: 22.5″ x 17.5″

John Piper - Ceres and prosorpine -Framed

Framed Dimensions with double mount: 31.5″ x 27″

Edition of 70

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John Piper’s (1903-1992) career in art spanned over sixty years and has incorporated a huge range of artistic media including printmaking, painting, drawing and illustration, photography, stained glass, fabric design, murals, stage sets and costume design. However, Piper is most well known for his prints and paintings of the romantic heritage of Britain; his explorations of rural Britain throughout his life.

In his prints, his subject matter was predominately architectural; often abbeys, churches, houses, castles, cottages or details of architectural design . His style comes both from his English heritage and his commitment to the emergent modern and abstract movements that were developing as he left art school. Dramatic, romantic combinations of colour, calligraphic line and experimental textures are the tenets of his oeuvre.

John Piper also created – and is well known for – a stained glass window for Coventry Cathedral; the windows for Eton College Chapel and alongside Patrick Reyntiens, for Liverpool’s Roman Catholic Cathedral. He is also known for his work in the graphics field, having started Contemporary Lithographs back in 1936. In 1964, the best known “A Retrospect of Churches” lithograph was produced. Also in the 1960s, he took an interest in screen printing and etching, alongside Chris Prater at Kelpra Studio. In 1983 the Tate staged a full retrospective of his work.