David Cowdry Original paintings

David Cowdry -Moving to Wales from Kent in 1992 to study for a two year HND Wildlife Illustration course near Carmarthen was the start of David’s journey as a painter of landscape & wildlife. David never returned home & he still lives just outside of the beautiful market town of Llandeilo on the edge of the Brecon Beacons National Park.
He says, ” The inspirations for my paintings come from a deep love of the natural world, from the picturesque gentle landscape of the Towy Valley, the wild rugged coast of West Wales, the expansive skies of Norfolk & all the other places where I leave a little of my heart each time I visit. I paint what I see as I see it to the best of my ability. Light & atmosphere are the elements I try to capture, a moment in time, an experience, a memory of beautiful light drenched land & seascapes & their inhabitants. I work from photos, sketches, notes & often just from memory, painting intuitively for much of the time & observing the habitats & the animals within it as much as I can.” The underwater world is one of David’s passions & to be able to capture this magical realm on canvas one of his greatest joys.


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 David Cowdry ' -Coot Chick

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