Darren Yeadon Sculpture

Darren Yeadon

Darren Yeadon served his apprenticeship as a stonemason at a quarry in North Yorkshire. This laid the foundations for his subsequent work as a sculptor. It was there that he learnt to quarry, cut, and dress stone. And it was there that his natural talent for carving was first recognized and encouraged. It is the complete mastery of his materials, learnt through years of hard graft, that enables him now to transform a piece of stone into what his creative imagination decrees.

In the last couple of years, Yeadon has worked at the marble quarries in Carrara, Italy, and now sculpts almost exclusively in this medium. Stone and marble are timeless and hard. They are also unforgiving, one-chance materials. Yeadon works these from the outside to reveal the possibilities of what lies hidden within. Carving from the block and being solely responsible for each finished sculpture, his prolific output is suffused with wit, honesty and integrity. His work entails infinite patience, requires consummate skill, involves total concentration and demands complete dedication. The tools he uses are sledgehammers, mallets and chisels. The theme that exercises his imagination is nature.

Original Sculptures

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Darren Yeadon Santa Maria

'ammonite' Darren Yeadon marble   'Face' Darren Yeadon sandstone   'face 2' Darren Yeadon sandstone 'shield and serpent' Darren Yeadon sandstone 'Fish' Darren Yeadon sandstone

Darren Yeadon: Cockleshell  Darren Yeadon: Sandstone Head 'Sunflower' Darren Yeadon sandstone

 Darren Yeadon: Marble Fish

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