Clive Gould Original paintings

Clive Gould’s work is principally inspired by his passion for the sea and its magical coastline.
In particular, he is fascinated by the various textures of ragged rocks and shapes of beautifully formed pebbles, some of which may be resting in rock pools, while others find themselves locked in crevices. Through his seascape paintings the priority has been to emphasise the magical effects of changing light that occur in just a moment of time.Working mostly from photographs his objective is to capture all the principal elements that create a particular mood or atmosphere.


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Clive Gould - Cliffs at Caerfai Bay

Clive Gould - Rugged cliffs near Porthgain

Clive Gould - Church doors at skrinkle haven

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Limited Edition Prints:

Clive Gould 'Porthgain Harbour' - Copy

             Clive Gould -reflections_ Clive Gould 'Evening tide, Abereiddy'                                                                                     Cliev Gould - Blue Lagoon Clive Gould 'Summer rock pool'

Clive Gould Sunny day Traethllyfn

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Archive ( Sold pieces):

   Clive Gould - Early Morning at Skrinkle Haven Clive Gould 'Cliffs at Skrinkle Haven'Clive Gould - Abereiddy Watchtower from Treathllyfn

Clive Gould 'Blue Lagoon 2, Abereiddy' 'Afternoon Sun, Marloes Sand' Clive Gould

Clive Gould 'Evening Wave'summer-surf Clive Gould