Bob Reeves

Bob Reeves is Pembrokeshire born and continues to live and work here. A celebrated poet, painter and sculptor, Bob Reeves has become one of the county’s most prolific artists.

His work was once described by the late and much revered Professor Gwyn Alf Williams as ‘That arresting fusion of the stark, the lyrical and profane’

Reeves is hugely inspired by Pembrokeshire, ‘As an artist I can do no more that paint and sculpt. Sometimes what I see but always what I feel- A direct and personal response to mother Earth. The coast of Pembrokeshire is justifiably famous.  From the towering cliffs of Pwll Deri, where the beaches are nurseries to the grey seals, the same seals whose eerie songs are the haunting voice of this wild place, to the marram strummed and sea sculpt dunes of the great storm beach at Freshwater West, I am entranced, completely under its spell. Who could fail to be inspired by this place? My response is immediate and personal. I am part of the circle of this Earth. Its cycle of tides and seasons continue to entrance me.  I seek no escape. 


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